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Submission Instructions

First time access:
  • Create an account by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button beneath the ‘Login’ box.
    1. We recommend using the same email address you use for your TAPPI membership (if applicable).
    2. Please save your credentials as you will use the same login information for all of our conferences.
Return user:
  • Use your credentials to login.
    1. You will use the same login credentials regardless of the conference.
    2. Should you forget your login info, please use the ‘Trouble Signing In’.
New Submission
  • Once logged in, you will be taken to a page lists all of your submissions.
    1. Click ‘View Conferences’ to submit a new submission.
    2. Select the conference you wish to submit an abstract for.
    3. Click ‘Create Submissions’ next to the conference of your preference to begin. 

  • Complete all of the listed tasks.
    1. Click ‘Start’ next to the task to begin working on a specific task.
    2. You may work out of order. 
  • Complete the fields listed within the task.
    1. Click ‘Save’ to save progress and continue working on this task.
    2. Click ‘Save and Next’ to select the next task.
    3. Click ‘Back’ to return to the task list without saving progress.
  • Once the listed tasks are complete, click ‘Submit Application’.
    • You will receive a confirmation email noting that your submission was successfully submitted.
    • You may edit your tasks until the deadline. Click ‘Edit’ to make changes next to the task desired.
    • Delete will clear the task completely, and you will need to re-start the deleted task.
Uploading Session Materials:
  1. After logging in, click on "View My Conference Submissions"
  2. Then, click the "Edit" button on the submission you wish to upload materials for.
  3. Once the submission has loaded, select "start" next to the task you wish to complete.
  4. Either drag your file or browse for the file to upload it.
  5. Click "Save and Next" to return back to the task screen.
  6. Make sure to submit your session content when you have finished uploading by clicking "Submit Session Content"
View My submissions

At any time that you have questions regarding the new submission process, or the conference. Please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Reaves (404.509.7477) or Pat Stiede (770.209.7214).